The fad that is Atif Aslam.

By this time, everyone you know or can possibly know, who is or possibly can be, a fan of Pakistani music, already knows and is a fan of Coke Studio.

And by this time, many of you have had the chance to hear musical greats like Saieen Zahoor, Shafqat Amanat Ali and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan performing amidst superior-quality musicians and instruments creating breathtaking musical fusion.

And while all that sounds amazingly appealing and classy and oh-so-rocking, the more arrogant of us often question why Atif Aslam has to stand on that platform ruining greats like “Mai Ne Main Kinnon Akhaan“.

I’m not a very big sufi music fan, but I do have ears and I do have a soul. And Atif Aslam pierces both.

And so not in a good way.

Back when he was new and nasal voices were still a novelty (alliteration, alliteration, even when they’re at Atif Aslam’s benefit, ROCK), and Jal was still one boyband with two annoying front men rather than one man who has been, as I’ve been recently told, the representative for Les Paul in Pakistan (and he now joins ranks of Slash!), Addat (the song) was still likeable. With its mainly underbudget but overall moderately creative video, its record-breaking downloads throughout the cyber-sphere and the rising fad that was jhing-jhinga-jhing-jhink guitaring (I bet there’s a better word for that), Jal was still somewhat of a prodigy.

But then they all turned into girls and started to bitch.

And then Atif sold his soul to big bucks, Indian cinema got obsessed with nasal tones of him and Himesh Reshammiya and the rest is history.

Which is something I’m usually okay with. Pre-teen pubescents like Jonas Brothers and I used to be a Backstreet Boys fan when I was 14. And bubble-gum poppers make millions. Hillary Duff and Miley Cyrus are living proofs of that.

But then Atif Aslam goes on Coke Studio and ruins a perfectly beautiful song. And it gets me thinking about the obsession we gather for mindlessness and complete tunelessness.

Is the rest of the Pakistan, including Rohail Hyatt, tone-deaf?

Or just when it comes to Atif Aslam?

I sat with Ali and B to listen to the full track last night and I realized that it was nothing but pots and pans clanging and banging together with Atif Aslam’s high, dogs-can-hear-you-pitch notes ringing in between. The original song has been sung by many people including Iqbal Bahu and Shazia Manzoor and Pathanay Khan. Their standards are high and pretty impossibly to meet rhythmically, unless you’re a pro yourself.

Which Atif Aslam probably thinks he is.

And why shouldn’t he, I ask you. He’s famous, he’s rich, no one (apart from me) thinks he looks like a drooling 2 year old with a mental disability, Bollywood pays him tons to sing off-key, ripped off songs and he’s on Coke Studio now singing a musical classic.

Atif Aslam

Celebrities are weird people. And what makes them weird is that they are surrounded by an even weirder lot. Working on television onscreen was an experience that taught me something that post-graduate level textbook psychology taught me much later.

All celebrities can be total assholes. Egomaniacs. Narcissists. And most of them suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, say stats.

So last night, after I begged B to put a stop to the track after 2 minutes into it, I realized no one could possibly have told Mr. Aslam that he sucks. He probably had fifty people come up to him after the performance was over and tell him he totally nailed it. That’s the media culture that brews gods and goddesses that you can’t understand. That’s the way these nobodies get to be somebodies and that’s the way Atif Aslam’s head is bigger than his bank balance.

We were flying from Karachi to Lahore when we were sitting in the airport lounge waiting for the flight to board. I noticed a flurry of excitement in a group of 8 year olds sitting next to me as they excitedly pointed and giggled. Turns out Atif Aslam was sitting across us, looking as bored as he was doped. I peered closely noticing he DID look like a drooling two year old.

But before I could notice anything else, I found another bunch of people completely out of their gourds. A tall, fat man stood at least 40 feet away from where Atif was sitting and yelled, “How are you man? I’ll see you at the concert then!”

Atif looked at him and drawled a “Yeah, man” back. A couple of more loud and pointed exchanges between them revealed that the tall fat man knew Atif personally and now indeed wanted the whole airport to know that he knew him personally.

I felt embarassed for him. The tall fat guy.

Is this how we act around people we see on television? On the big screen? We begin foaming at the mouth? Atif Aslam’s hysteria represents the unreasonable, the un-understandable, the completely unbelievable obsession people can have for rich, famous people who have a total of zero talent.

Stephen Colbert recently mentioned Walter Cronkite’s death and said he was outraged that there wasn’t a single helicopter shot of Cronkite’s house. The CNN news programs feature “Michael Jackson’s death reports” as top news and Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran come in after them. FOX breaking news cover custody decisions of MJ’s children and then talk about what a racist Obama is.

Bill Maher recently wrote a brilliant article in the LA Times about Right Wing Nuts debating over Obama’s citizenship. He writes,

But we live in America, and in America, if you don’t immediately kill arrant nonsense, no matter how ridiculous, it can grow and thrive and eventually take over, like crab grass or reality shows about fat people.

I wonder what he’d say if he was a Pakistani witnessing a President who’s a president only because he’s guilty of uxoricide, 16-hour blackouts all over the country, and over 30 years of military rule.

And like most of us, I wonder what he’d say about Atif Aslam ruining a timeless classic, a complete work of art and make it into something hideous, revolting and a soundtrack for a flick only dogs can watch.

Maher ends his article saying,

That’s why it’s so important that we the few, the proud, the reality-based attack this stuff before it has a chance to fester and spread. This isn’t a case of Democrats versus Republicans. It’s sentient beings versus the lizard people, and it is to them I offer this deal: I’ll show you Obama’s birth certificate when you show me Sarah Palin’s high school diploma.

And I guess I’ll see more respected, more intelligent, more talented people rising as superstars when we can learn to act normally around celebrities spotted at airports.

Right then.

Any moment now.

86 thoughts on “The fad that is Atif Aslam.

  1. i am a proud, ‘tone deaf’ Atif fan.
    i personally believe that Atif Hating as become a fad.
    or possibly always has been.
    the guy wasn’t always rich… or famous.
    at any point someone could have come up to him and said “dude… you should really try that business degree…”
    but no one did. and then he became famous.
    and its been almost 7-8 years and you have to stop and think that this guy’s doing something right!
    the idea of him singing that sufi song wasn’t to replicate it.
    it was sung or suggested to him with the intention to have it be an ‘Atif Aslam’ version.
    nobody trashed Chris Cornell for redoing Billie Jean(i know even the comparison will make people wince but whatever)… they just appreciate the introduction of a totally new genre into the track(although david cook did it better).
    celebrities irritate me. especially local ones. but after hearing several different accounts of just what a nice, humble guy he is, and after watching his supportive gestures and smiles for the others on Coke Studio, i have a new found respect for the guy.
    there are people MUCH more talented than him, and with possibly more resources to back them up… but this skinny nasal dude from lahore managed to kick butt with the tried and tested nepotism we are all so accustomed to.
    koi neikee kaam agayee…
    be nice babe…or ill toilet paper your house. lol.

  2. Hey, it’s totally okay to be an Atif fan. I listen to his songs, I actually have the Coke Studio Jalpari track in my car and both Ali and I were “Addat” addicts.

    But I couldn’t forgive him for ruining Mai nee Mai Kinnoon Akhaan. The song was just too painful for me to tolerate. He occassionally may produce one or two good tracks but I swear I couldn’t digest Mai nee.

    Doing good in the music business (fame and fortune) in the modern day world don’t always have to be synonymous with talent. Himesh Reshammiya is quite a fad for quite a few years in India as well. And he isn’t half as talented as he thinks he is.

    Atif’s probably a good guy, I wouldn’t know, I haven’t met him. But the celebrity craze that accompanies him is not equal the talent he has.

    The nepotism you talk about in the world of television and media has managed to settle with Atif Aslam and I have a sneaking suspicion it isnt’ because he’s a mind-blowing singer (these things happen to the REALLY talented… people like Kishore and Rahat Fateh who transcend these criteria and are actually trained professionals) but because well, let’s just say he got lucky. Ended up at the right place at the right time. That gets a lot of talentless people a lot of places.

    Chris Cornell has amazing range, brilliant talent and an unbelievable rock history to boot. Not an iota of which Atif Aslam can reach. And by the way the thing he did with that Wasta Pyaar Da, the Billie Jean slip, man, did that give me the heebie jeebies.

    I respect the fact that millions love him and buy his records and he’s making a fortune. I get that popular choice is more often the dominant choice and I get that a lot of talented people aren’t making as much money as Atif is because they didn’t happen to have je ne se quois that Atif had. Maybe he’s got something that’s getting him somewhere. But come on, Khiz, it couldn’t POSSIBLY be that the guy can carry a tune like Cornell.

    And I’m not being a musical snob and trashing Atif because he’s a Pakistani and I’m definitely NOT one of those people who hate anything Paki. In my opinion, Pakistan is a treasure house of talent when it comes to music and legendary musicians. But I have to disagree with you on the fact that Atif Aslam may be one of them.

  3. I, totally agree with you.. and i never even liked ‘aadat’ ugh and everyone was like humming that song for 2 years.. i haven’t once listened to the full number till date.

  4. I’ll have to disagree because Jal Pari is one of my absolute favorites from CS 2… I always viewed this guy as a teen fad.. and although Mai Ne and Billie Jean weren’t his absolute best, you gotta give him credit for what he’s done well.. this post is a wee bit too harsh for the guy!

  5. this post is too long to read! :P

    Atif aslam sucks, he has no idea how vocals are supposed to be done and he has no taste in music!
    What he does have though is a God given voice which hes actually doing completely injustice to.

    most of his coke studio tracks were painful, one i liked, dont remember which one it was though. I totally wonder why rohail hyatt let him molest Billie Jean the way he did! :S

  6. I prefer Atif to the Jal boys and Ali Zafar. I can’t stand talentless, pretty people getting where they are because of their looks and ability to gather sponsorships.
    Yes i know, Atif’s fame is PR based too, but atleast he’s ugly so he must have a harder time.

  7. All celebrities can be total assholes. Egomaniacs. Narcissists. And most of them suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, say stats.

    yes yes they say it right!
    and Atif.. i dunno y he gets the credit for whatever he gets it for.. the only time i fell was when his first single hit the charts.

    that was the only good of his career.. or else he stands no chance.
    when he sings or i see him singing i say ‘bander kya jaaney surr aurr taal’
    cuz that is it.. why shud he evn care he cause me a migraine!

  8. How true. His first song in the first episode was brilliant the “Jal Pari” one but the rest was just rubbish. And you remember that “Wasta e pyaar da”? The horrible tribute to MJ by singing Billie Jean in between the song whose lyrics and when come together make no sense…

    Others are doing a great job at Coke Studio. I love Noori, Saiyeen Zahoor, Shafqat Ammanat Ali, JoSH and Ali Zafar. I’m amazed by Zeb & Haniya too aren’t they brilliant?

    BTW who’s your fav?

  9. I simply cannot stand people anymore who feel a need to show off their ‘skills’, moreso when they have fuck-all talent. I’ve just listened to Mai Ne and I’m afraid it just sounds like an elongated, computer processed fart.

    Unfortunately, he’s the only one whose stepped up to the mantle of the bonafide rockstar. The Noor brothers are either too humble, stupid, or uninterested in being that. Both of them are substantially more talented then this scrote. Like most cultures we too need our celebrity fix, and I guess we’ve focused on Atif for all that.

    I AM a musical snob and I hate Atif. I hate the fact that I can’t drive around without having to listen to his trashy voice emanate from some retard’s car at a ridiculous volume. I hate the fact that whenever I drive past a wedding, inevitably his godawful larynx is chucking some convoluted, shitty bollywood tune at me.

    oh, and you didn’t touch upon the fact that he essentially released an album specifically for people who prefer ‘bollywood-music’, only to then come out and say “oh wait, pakistanis are upset cause i didn’t release a rock album. well! don’t count my second album. my third album will be a rock album!”

    So I’m not exactly certain that he’s a money grabbing ass.

  10. ALL of my comments are now being processed to the spam queue it seems. Silly, silly me, never checked spam to see genuine comments.

    Hira, come on. I can’t prefer Atif to ANYTHING. Unless it’s … no wait. Nothing.

    Americanising Desi … migraines he doesn’t care about, no.

    Usama.. I’d have to say Rahat Fateh Ali.

    Asfand, spot on. But wait a sec? Bonafide rockstar? Kese yaar?? The guy looks like a little kid and sings like a doped eleventh grader with his voice about to break out. I’m being mean I know, but I seriously can’t understand the fad. The Noori brothers aren’t really that big on talent when it comes to lyrics either. I wish they could hire someone like Sabir Zafar to write for them. Then they’d get out of their ‘man-dolay-tan-dolay’ rhythm that we seem to fall for every time. I think Ali Hamza’s substantially more talented than Noor and I think Ali Noor needs to shrink his head a little to actually think that he needs to spend more money on videos, for ONCE.

    Let’s take a moment here to wonder if true rock died the moment Junoon broke up?

    As for Mr. Aslam, well, he’s gone to that limit of being completely and unquestionably hit. And I guess there’s nothing no one can do about that but write bitter blogs. lol.

  11. i think the author of this blog is tone deaf. neither is atif nor is rohail. really, atif hating is as much a fad as the hysteria he inspires. and he inspires such hysteria with a reason. if you don’t like somebody’s voice/singing. you have a choice dude. just dont listen. stop using a platform like this for abuse.
    atif’s singing has touched so many souls including mine and has his pure raw deep voice has stood by me in my most difficult times. can you do the same magic with any talent that you may or may not possess? you cant even write a decent blog that does not include abuse of a genuinely talented young artist. go take a walk dude and let the world enjoy atif’s magic in peace.

  12. Hey, Sorry for extremely off-topic question but didn’t have your email addy so had to ask here. I had read and bookmarked one of your posts back in Aug 2005 titled:
    “Black Mirror: Pakistan’s Educational System and Impacts on Emotional Health” and located previously at Which I can’t find right now but I needed to go through it for some pointers for a presentation. I know it’s a pretty old article but that’s what bookmarks are for, I guess. Is there any way I could get hold of that one as I couldn’t find a search function in this blog as well. That’d be awesome to have the link back again. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. keep up the good work :)

  13. While Maee Nee, and Wasta-e-piyaar da defnitely deserve nothing better than – 10, I see them more as an exception than the trend.
    You really HATE Atif Aslam though :)
    I used to be in love with ‘ hum kis gali ja rahay hain’… like the guy, I find his music pleasant enough.

  14. I am not sure how many of the Atif fans here, have actually heard the original Maye ne?
    The song has a timeless haunting quality to it and the way Atif ruined the song was painful to listen (try to listen).
    Musicians are defined by skill and creativity. Atif doesn’t have any. I was never a fan of “Ankhon ke Sagar” but I had to admit the vocal brilliance of fusion’s vocalist. Atif cannot hold a note, cannot sing in low notes and and he is a one trick pony: He can sing in nasal high notes. Tone deaf or not, his fans seem to have no idea about music.

    The complete annihilation of “Yar Dadi” by Ali Zafar was also excruciating. Why can’t they just call vocalists, who can actually sing?

  15. Haye, mere Allah. Rashmi, I’m so sorry you haven’t grown out of your teen years. I’m really sorry to have hurt your feelings. :P

    Saadat, why. WHY. Explain to me WHY did you have to show me that and ruin my day? By the way, really not a great article and as a die-hard Potterhead, I cringe at the forced comparisons. Jeez, take Star Wars. Leave Potter alone!

    Ejaz Asi, The Black Mirror’s archives have been deleted for personal reasons. So that went with that I guess. I’ll try to look up that article somewhere in my hard drive and email it to you if I can find it. Thanks for liking the article and the support. It’s hard staying true to your opinions these days. lol..

    Ibteda.. diplomatic comment, eh ;)

    Barooq .. they occassionally DO call singers who can sing. Like Rahat Fateh and Shafqat Amanat, Zeb and Haniya and the like. But occassionally they go “tone-deaf”. Tone-deaf being the operative word here.

  16. The word you’re looking for is ‘irritate’ not mock, Usama. I couldn’t even understand half the point of the article and the gobbledegook it was trying to state.

  17. Yup. Guess you’re right but some of their face features do look alike and when it comes to comparing Fictional Book/movie characters with music related personalities, it seems totally absurd. And pointless.

  18. WHY i ask you, WHY take Star Wars? Hasn’t George Lucas brought enough pain to us?? Isn’t it bad enough that the franchise was murdered by it’s own father?? Why must we Star War fans suffer more pain? Couldn’t you have said take Twilight and left us alone?

  19. By the way, you’re right. the article is crap. Where on earth did they get the idea and why the hell was this published?

  20. lol. Alright. Twilight then. That’s a compromise I’m willing to make.

    Usama … facial features? Atif Aslam looks like DANIEL FREAKIN RADCLIFFE to you?!

  21. I totally nodded through out the post… *high five*

    I was a die hard Aadaat fan, when it came out and it still reminds me of great university times. Furthermore I think he has talent and a certain charm, which unfortunatly or fortunatly I am oblivious too, but I am sure is there nevertheless, for how can you explain his fan following. Sadly, I feel the whole nasal thing is killing the potential he has. He makes good catchy tunes which appeal to the masses. another reason why he’s such a hit with them people.

    But how did he manage to come on Coke Studio, I mean Rohail Hyatt should know better, right? I think its the commercial factor. He is the biggest popstar/ rockstar right now. They are cashing in on that.

    Furthermore this whole celebrity thing, is so true. The other day I was reading an article in Instep, I think, it was about the ten up and coming Industry giants or something along those lines, in my office lounge and everyone over there was scratching their heads over it; No one knew any of them supposedly very talented people, apart from one model Amna something from the shampoo ad. I knew off ADP front man cause of his blog, which I follow religiously, but that was it. The celebrity circles have their own dynamics all together. the Media jouno’s are mostly their friends and hence the way people are made to sound on-screen, or in papers is very far away from the reality. I dont think this applies to Atif cause he has a strong following but this holds true for almost half the celebrity population. Same go the music awards. Its all about who knows who…

    and he killed Maee ne!…like raped it, burnt it alive, tortured it!… and No its not the same thing as singing a cover and making it your own. I understand that. So many great examples of people doing that; Johnny cash’s ‘Hurt’, Chantal Kreviazuk’s leaving on a jet plane, Cake’s I will survive and perhaps,perhaps, perhaps, Arooj Aftab’s Hallelujah and Mera pyaar.. Atif’s version was nothing short of a disaster!

  22. It was splendid analysis of Atif aslam’s songs, indeed the true reality how he destroyed the coke studio’s novelty by singing Mai nee in his nasal voice. Apart from all his big hits it was totally a wreck.

  23. looks like you have opened a pandoras box. my two cents…
    irrespective of the fact that he is a below average singer and that he has never written or composed a song himself, i think he has done really well for himself. the very talented mithoon produced his entire album in india, which sold. pritam music has sold with his vocals. so its working for him.
    the guy does have a mass appeal. abijeet sawant sings better versions of bakhuda tumhi ho and all but still atif is a bigger star on both sides of the border. we have to give him credit for that.
    i had heard a lot of buzz about his exceptional singing at coke studio… i think he was horrible but then again, the masses think he was good. agreed that what masses like doesnt necessairly mean good, but thats what sells.
    do you believe kunal ganjawala, himmesh reshammiya and anmol malik are singers? its commercial time selling commercial music. hence, suresh wadkar, kavita krishnamurthi and sirinivas are no where.
    i heard atif singing beedi jalaee le in a concert and it made me puke but the crowd went hysterical. his versions of gulabi aankhein and pyar deewana hota hai give me the creeps but i have heard people loving them. so, the way out is, stay away if you dont like it. and yeah, you do have a right to bash him on your blog. won’t hurt him either.

    PS: agreed with barooq, after hearing ali zafar’s ‘yaar daadi’ i said O TUADDI…

  24. I am so glad someone’s come out and said it, finally!
    When I heard Aadat, I thought “that’s a nice song”. Unfortunately after that, I heard “Doorie” and that was “so not a nice song”. I mean what was he thinking?! I would never have known the difference between what jal sings and what atif sings till I actually heard Jal’s second album. And that whole rip-off thing that we flips in India hadn’t a clue about, got straightened out in my head. There is no way he wrote the music for aadat. While he has the potential to sing real well, he doesn’t know where to start. I guess the masses like new and young acts (which is another thing he can’t do given his “ugh” videos)
    And speaking of mauling and tearing songs apart, anyone heard Goher Mumtaz’s latest offering on youtube? I heard him sing the first verse of the Goo Goo Dolls’ Iris, and then came the chorus following which I passed out. I doubt even Atif can butcher a song like that. He should stick to strumming his banjo. He can’t sing to save his life and is danger of losing it if he doesn’t take the dad-blamed thing off the web.

  25. lol, I haven’t heard Jal ripping apart Iris (and I hope I don’t have to either) but I am sure it’s nothing short of painful. Jal is a very average band with a very standard mo regarding its music.

    I assure you though it can’t be any worse than Atif Aslam ripping apart Mai Nee.

  26. assalaam-u-allaikum atif g i think u breaked up with a girl when u was a not a singer i m just guessing because of ur song all r so sad but these songs related to my life and all the commeters r very clever atif aslam k chumche ho saare k saare

  27. assalaam-u-allaikum atif g ur story was so sad i read it and atif ko comment karne walon bechare aur koi kam nahi atif ko comment karte rahte ho atif aslam bhi pagal ho gaya mujhe tum par nahi atif par taras ata hai SO SAD

  28. hello miss.minerva i m not delusional and plz give comment on atif dnt me and han by the way r we chatting it is just like facebook what do u maen by delusional r u teasing me?

  29. hello Atif g kya haal hai bhai??
    yar kya mast gaate ho pata main tumhare har song pasand karta hu, yar maine Aapka ek 1998 k something ka ek song suna tha usme aapki voice kafi moti si thi.

    but you r a best singer

    This is Raj frm UP (India)
    my contact no- 9616176206


  31. hello miss.minerva i m not delusional and plz give comment on atif dnt me and han by the way r we chatting it is just like facebook what do u maen by delusional r u teasing me?

  32. ok im sorry if i hurt anyones feeling but really TO ALL THE PEOPLE HERE-how, HOW can you consider any singer who can not hold a single note in tune a singer?like i understand he sings with great passion and emotion but srsly there is no music without sur and its just very unfair that he gets to sing alot of hit songs that a REAL singer could have sung who has REAL talent. I mean i dont get why atif doesnt learn music properly in theese 7, 8 years hes seen fame(then ppl wouldnt have a problem with him) and that would be great. and anyone who says that ppl criticize him cause he is pakistani-umm look at rahat fateh ali khan, India loves him, why?-cause he is an actual singer.

  33. Why so many people have the problem with Atif… I mean whatever people say he is talented… He has this different voice.. he attracts people with his voice.. ppl r jelous only becoz he is famous.. thats what happens every time… u have to accept that he got this far on his own…

  34. why do i have a feeling that people think atif is reading all this? why is he being addressed directly here? Atif Ji i am a fan of yours from M i hate you? or is Usman Lali actually atif in disguise? utterly confusing.

  35. hi atif, h r u?? moj ko app buhat buhat buhat aur bahut ache lagte ho……aur app k songs ufff ALLAH wo to app se b ache ha!!
    me app k songs buhat shok se sunti hoon

  36. haha nice article. I`m glad that there are other people who agree with my views. I thought Atif started off alright initially. The whole aadat phase was not bad and i liked the song quite a bit.. then he came out with about 7 versions of the song with different lyrics, beats and stuff.. what the fuck?
    A couple of indian songs was not even a bad decision for atif. doing stuff like pehli nazar mein wasn’t that great but a new thing so its fine… doorie was a pathetic attempt of an album and now; i think he’s the biggest faggot in pakistan. pathetic besura singer, im sorry.

  37. wtf. I guess this Minerva person has a talent for using showy and ostentatious language to denigrate people. Atif may not be the best of singers but he’s good at what he does – singing songs that appeal to people in a way very few singers can achieve. His singing has that certain inspiring ‘quality’ to it that touches your heart. And lots of people like him. No other singer can sing Pehli Nazar Mein like he has. But if you don’t like him, that’s fine, but please don’t belittle people just because YOU don’t like their voice.

    • Denigrate?

      Pot, kettle. The works.

      And *cough* if I don’t like him I can trash him.

      You know why?

      Because this is my blog.

      Jesus. Where do these people keep crawling out of!

      • You know what?

        You’re pathetic and disgusting.

        People like you set a bad example with your abuse of the liberty of free speech.

        I see you have a child. I feel sorry for him. Judging from all the bullshit you post on this ‘blog’ of yours, I wouldn’t trust your parenting skills or competency in raising a child either.

        You need prayers.

  38. hold on hold on… this is getting a bit too personal now. i dont think anyone has a right to question her personal life because of what one writes about atif aslam. whether he is good or bad, thats totally a personal opinion. just like some people here are admiring atif, if you read the comments, many of them are atif bashers. i am also one of them. if someone is questioning her parenting skills because she doesnt like atif and is vocal about it, it stands the same for all the people who think that way. if you have your opinion about atif’s greatness, sign up with wordpress and make a blog. wont take long. then you can worship him as much as you can. there is no need of throwing personal remarks about anyone on his or her own blog. its similar to somebody comes to your house as a guest, pissed on your carpet and leaves laughing because he doesnt like the color of your car. control your hormones!

    • Hi, Your friend Minerva called Mr Aslam an ‘asshole,’ ‘egomaniac,’ said his ‘head was bigger than his bank balance’ (and you called me out for personal remarks!) and accused him of ‘ruining .. work of art .. into something hideous, revolting and a soundtrack for a flick only dogs can watch’

      She may not like his singing but that doesn’t justify indecently attacking him like that. This is just immature and indecent.

  39. after a long time when i saw this… the first thing that came to my mind was this post.
    koi qadri ko iska body guard banao plz.

  40. This article is absolutely right! I used to like Atif Aslam; I liked the occasional one or two songs here and there. However, after watching Sur Kshetra, I absolutely cannot stand him and I have lost all respect for him. I liked the contestants from both teams equally; the Indian and Pakistani teams contained some excellent singers. But I hated watching him stare at the Indian contestants with great contempt. In every episode, you could see him brooding and seething with great abhorrence; it was disgusting! On top of that, his critiques towards them were horrible, even if they sang well! After one Indian contestant sang beautifully (the other judges agreed), Atif Aslam said the contestant sang beautifully but he made a huge row by saying that they should try something different. He proceeded to rip the contestant apart with great emphasis on the ‘bad points’ of their performance (and there weren’t any!). Immediately after that episode, I realized how cruel and rude he was. He’s not even a good singer, and he thinks no end of himself! ‘Pehli Nazar Mein’ is the worst song ever! After the show had finished, it was eminent that he did not have a good character, especially towards Indians. Whether you’re famous or not, you should at least be nice to people regardless of whatever background they come from. But no worries; I’m sure more intelligent, nicer and at least talented singers will come along and replace him. Such an unethical, untalented and prejudiced singer, who isn’t deserving of a single fan.

  41. i simply wanna say that the people who hate or abuse ATIF in any way have no sense of music…….jo log atif ke suron mein kamiyan nikaltein hain kripya pehele apne gireban mein jhaanke……..ek descent blog nhi likh sakte aur aa jaate hain ATIF mein kami nikalne

  42. I found this blog today, I totally agree with it (including the drooling 2 year old bit ..hehe) even imagining the tune of his monotonous songs make me sick in the stomach…

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